Grow Your Business with Trucking Intelligence Solutions

RigDig Business Intelligence improves your understanding of on-highway and vocational truck markets. Our customized analysis of the market helps you:

  • Arm your sales team with qualified prospects
  • Identify ideal target customers for specific products
  • Locate and contact small fleets and active owner operators
  • Create actionable opportunities that will grow your business.

Customized Insight on Customers, Prospects and More

With over 1,000,000 truck entity listings, RigDig Business Intelligence can help you unearth specific details about current customers, potential prospects, fleets and owner operators.

Manufacturers, dealers, fleets and brokers can leverage unprecedented insight through a monthly analysis of specific criteria based in part on:

  • – Accident Reports
  • – Financing
  • – Inspections
  • – Ownership

204+ Fields of Trucking Information

RigDig provides 204 standard fields of information. More importantly, we work with you to create additional customized fields to meet your business needs. Our consultants will help you define which fields are most important to you. Download a PDF to view the complete 204-field glossary »

Up-To-Date and Reliable Data

Our business intelligence is based on cleansed data from EDA’s UCC-1 lien information, complete vehicle specifications, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminition (FMCSA).

We provide you with a customized ScoreCard of information based on your business goals.

We provide analytics to glean only the information you need to understand the market, and identify and target qualified prospects.

Download a sample ScoreCard »

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Protect your customers, your investments and your reputation. Let RigDig™ shield you from the unknown on trade-in and auction buys. Powered by the most comprehensive and the most trusted data sources available, RigDig™ Truck History Reports help you make more informed used truck purchase decisions. Whether you are a fleet manager, a dealer or owner-operator, don't make a deal without knowing as much as possible about a truck's history. Make better investments - get a RigDig™.